Welcome to the website of the Portuguese Embassy in Sofia!

I am pleased to welcome the members of the Portuguese Community residing in Bulgaria, as well as the Bulgarian citizens who access the website of the Embassy of Portugal in Sofia. Here, you can find news about Portugal or about Portuguese-Bulgarian relations, as well as information on Portuguese cultural initiatives, and other topics such as elections or the issuing documents in the Consular Section of the Embassy.

In addressing the Portuguese and Bulgarians who consult the site, I would like to express my satisfaction at the good integration of the Portuguese Community in Bulgaria, which is certainly due to the merits of these Portuguese themselves but also to the welcoming spirit of the Bulgarians. From the moment I arrived to Sofia, I came to realize that a lot of  unite us, even though our countries are at opposite ends of Europe. I have also noticed that Portugal has a good image in Bulgaria and that our Bulgarian friends have a real interest in the Portuguese language and culture. In fact, when I meet citizens of this country who visited Portugal for tourism, business or on the Erasmus program, I am pleased to find they consider this experience as highly positive. On the other hand, the expansion of the Portuguese language teaching network, in the basic, secondary and university level, clearly illustrates the interest that exists in Bulgaria for Portugal.

I am committed to contributing to the development of the bilateral Luso-Bulgarian relations, that are enjoying a moment of remarkable dynamism, and also to continuing to promote the image of Portugal in this country.


Helena de Almeida Coutinho
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